Hi there!

Evelara here, hello:) I was entrusted to write about cosmetic outfits here on our website. In today’s post I’ll share links to some good blogs. One of the best blogs I’ve seen is The Starry Mantle. Starry has excellent guides to making outfits, and a huge collection of outfits to browse. Another favorite of mine is Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro. She and Starry have, if I remember correctly, created outfits for the mannequins seen around Middle-Earth, and they have also judged some cosmetic competitions and even a story-writing contest where a certain little Evelara won in one category (ehm, not bragging or anything…). Then we have Devonna of Lotro Stylist, who also has a nice collection of outfits and guides. Gloredh of Wandering around Arda is perhaps most active right now, with great lore accompanying many of the outfits. And well, I’ll add my own humble blog here too, which merely shows my own outfits and not much else. Lotroadventurer, it is called. My screenshots are bad quality I’m afraid, and I haven’t posted any new outfits for a year, but it is of course possible to browse anyway. That’s all for this time, I hope you enjoy the game:)



  1. Drim says

    Thanks for sharing the links Eve! I’m looking forward to getting out of my fireworks mask and pack of fireworks and into something a little more stylish. :)

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