Server Transfer Information

This is only general transfer information, no dates have been given as of 8/12/15. When Transfers open, I’ll set the date for our Kin’s move. When the time come’s I’ll put out a last Kin mail with instructions. It’s supposed to be a simple move; I’ll move first, then the...

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World Closure Announcements

The list of World Closures published by Lotro. This is a list of which worlds will close and which 5 US and 5 EU servers will remain open. No dates have been given yet as of 8/12/15, for Transfers. Please watch for Kin Mails and don’t move/transfer until Cookie does....

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Update 15.2 Is Here

The major changes have to do with Beorning modifications and some tweaks to the Pelargir epic battle.  Also of note is that the Epic Battle promotion points cap has been increased from 216 to 236.  You can find the Release Notes here:    

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U15 is Here!

We’ve finally made it to Lotro’s Update 15, with the release of the Beorning and Central Gondor. Below are the patch notes. Update 15 Release Notes [2014-11-05] Beornings are here! Every new Beorning character will start in the brand new starting area: Vales of Anduin. Visit Grimbeorn’s Lodge while you...

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Fall Festival is Here!

Leaves are turning colours, the air is growing crisp, tricks and treats are ready, and in Middle-earth that means that the Harvestmath Festival is here! Join in on the fun and sink your teeth into the Apple Bobbing game, test your skill with spooktacular quests in the Haunted Burrow, or...

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